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The flow of the reservation

1. form input and transmission

It is a simple input form for about 3 minutes until the transmission from the input

2. automatic reply

You will receive an automatic reply e-mail within 30 minutes after the form is submitted

※ reservation at this point has not been completed

3. Your Confirmation

I received allowed to send the reservation completion mail within 12 hours after booking form reply from Water Hotel Cy staff, it will be the reservation completion

4. On the day visit us

Please tell the purport of the reservation at the reception the occasion of your visit on the day

※ 2. There is if the automatic reply does not reach is a possibility that your reservation has not been performed correctly.
    Very sorry to trouble you, but please contact us directly to the subject of the store.
※ ※ 3. If the "reservation completion mail" that could not be sent, there is also that I am your contact is not the purport of the reservation completion by phone. Please note.
Reservation before Notes
If you are a beginner, please check here
■ Reservations must be established Womochimashite "reservation completion mail"
Please keep in mind that it is still your reservation at the stage where I received a reservation transmitted from the form not been established.
still,If within 12 hours "reservation completion mail" does not reach, but excuse me,Please contact the following to the "Customer Support Center" by e-mail or telephone.
Contact us by e-mail here.
Inquiries by telephone TEL: 042-788-3485
Reservation form
type of room

Reservation service Room We do not accept.
Please note that it may not attach to hope of rank depending on the situation of the day.

visit us Date

Check-in time

※ also there can check-in prior to your time of provision.

In that case, because it will occur separately before extension fee Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Your name
(You Please fill in the full name)

The same your name and the time of booking to be sure when you use Please tell us in the front.

E-mail address

We will send you a confirmation e-mail,Please fill so as not to make a mistake.

E-mail address (for confirmation)
Telephone (please be sure to mobile phone number)
Other (hope and questions, etc.)
hope of Surprise

I want to "surprise on your take of you! If you have any hope that ", please fill in here.

Please let me help you as much as possible!


■ prior to setting the cake and gifts to your Luggage & rooms

■ your time specified in the order & Room Service

month day
※ In order to provide the adequate information about using our site, please be sure to read the site policy.
In addition, if it is available, such as subscription, it shall be deemed to have received a consent with respect to efforts to our personal information protection.
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